parashas Vayeira 5780 – 1st aliyah

Genesis 18:1-14

November 10, 2019

Hanachas orchim, Jewish hospitality is a mainstay of the Jewish character. The chesed (kindness) of Abraham is exemplified, in particular, with his alacrity in regard to greeting three angels who appeared as men travelling through the desert. Abraham immediately prepared a meal for them with the assistance of his wife, the matriarch, Sarah.

The angels revealed to Abraham and Sarah that indeed, although Sarah had been barren for many years, she would conceive and have a child at the same time the following year. Sarah laughed in disbelief; when she gave birth a year later, Abraham named the child Yitzchak (Isaac), meaning “he laughs” (Genesis 21:1-3).

The turn of events for Sarah, who had been barren for 39 years, and eventually gave birth at the age of ninety is truly remarkable; noteworthy, inasmuch that G-d’s promise of a child for the couple was fulfilled despite the seemingly impossible circumstances, overriding human physical nature. May we all look forward to H’Shem fulfilling the impossible for each and every one of us.

Published by Tzvi Fievel

I am a Jewish ba'al teshuvah, having been redirected in life by my belief and practice. I have a B.A. in Psychology and another B.A. in English. Also, I am certified as a pyschophysical re-educator. At current, I am focusing on my writing.

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