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Sunday December 15, 2019

– by Tzvi Schnee

Early morning on the train. 6 a.m., the cafe car aka observation lounge opens. This train car has paneled glass windows on both sides of the car. I drink my first cup of tea, back at my seat. I fall asleep for three hours, because I only got an half hour sleep, while I dozed off at my desk the previous night. I can never sleep the night before my departure; my fear is that I’ll oversleep, thereby missing my train. G-d forbid. I have my second cup of tea at 9 a.m., in the observation car, while sitting in a booth with a table, next to the window. The sun gleams upon the desert floor, composed of stuff such as dried brambles, and green bushes. Were I more knowledgeable concerning the various types of desert growth, I could provide plenty of naturalistic details.

Albequerque station, took some photographs with my Kindle. Interesting to view scenery in a new way, looking for details, framing this view, checking out another potential photograph. The world as seen through a unique perspective that tries to encapsulate a moment in time. Now, I’m back on the train, moving along as I watch the view through the panelled window, heading to Lamy, New Mexico. The train does not stop in Santa Fe. I think that there is a shuttle from Lamy. This is of no consequence to me at the moment; except for the fact that I have two storage lockers in Santa Fe, it is not as if my thoughts are drawn there, because I am heading to Chicago. From there, I will take my next train to Washington, D.C. My final destination is near West Palm Beach, Florida – a four day journey.

Passing Bernalillo, New Mexico, a little south of Santa Fe on I-25. I attended a concert there, once in my previous life, so to speak, the life that I left behind me when I gravitated towards all things religious. There is a demarcation of time and place, as well as identity markers, delineating who I am now. And, yet, there is a continuum of memories, places, and times in my life that denote my overall sense of self, if I allow myself to dwell in the past from a static vantage point. However, the new perspective that I have gained over the years, as defined through my traditional religious belief and practice, necessitates discernment, in how I view my past, as well as my present; everything becomes redefined. Also, my future is governed by my religious expectations as informed by kitvei kodesh (holy scripture). Like these train tracks, a certain destiny awaits, ultimately only known by H’Shem. While here in Olam Hazeh (This World), I try not to get too distracted, because there is a greater promise to keep my focus upon.

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Published by Tzvi Fievel

I am a Jewish ba'al teshuvah, having been redirected in life by my belief and practice. I have a B.A. in Psychology and another B.A. in English. Also, I am certified as a pyschophysical re-educator. At current, I am focusing on my writing.

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