First Mitzvah of the Year


January 1, 2020

This morning I attended a weekday service at shul (synagogue) with my Mom. Usually, we attend on Mondays, Thursdays and the Sabbath. Even so, last night at the dinner table, my Mom recommended attending the morning service on the first day of the New Year on the Gregorian calendar.

We helped to make the minyan (a quorum of ten persons). I distinctly felt a sense of purpose being there, because there were two persons there in particular, who needed to say kaddish (the memorial prayer) for a family member who recently passed away. Without a minyan, a mourner can not say Kaddish; although, there is an alternative prayer that may be said by the chazan (prayer leader), without ten people.

I believe the mitzvah (good deed) of helping to make the (egalitarian) minyan this morning, for the sake of the mourners, was a true blessing. A good start for the New Year. At the end of each day, I think that reflecting on one’s good, as well as bad deeds counts for incremental spiritual growth. May the opportunity for mitzvoth continue.

Published by Tzvi Fievel

I have a B.A. in Psychology, and a second B.A. in English.

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