Meditation: Periphery

B”H March 18, 2020 In the small corner of the world where I live, Corona virus has not yet hit the city, nor the county. Yet, initially, I had been taking the immanent threat more seriously than others in the community. Now, others should feel more compelled to do so, because of new restrictions being […]

Meditation: Periphery — The Olive Branch

Coronavirus Musings

B”H March 11, 2020 Coronavirus Musing I am beginning to feel a little bit claustrophobic. This is a surprising statement for myself to make, inasmuch that I am an introvert, recluse, and contemplative, not necessarily in that order. Yet, upon reading the news updates on the Coronavirus every day, I unexpectedly had a visceral sensation […]

Coronavirus Musings — The Olive Branch

daily contemplation: Spiritual Atunement

B”H February 27, 2020 Tune in, if you will, to the nature of your being, notwithstanding the many bandwidths that may prevent you from clearly hearing your own. Make the effort, above all else, to guard your heart (Proverbs 4:23) against the noise and chatter of the outside world. For, only in the silence of […]

daily contemplation: Spiritual Atunement — Etz Chayim