the Light of Kindness

B”H December 31, 2019 Previously, I had mentioned how upon walking out of a local health food store, I had seen two chanukias (menorot) with only four candles plus the shamash (servant) candle; yet, that particular day was the seventh day of Chanukah. Today, the day after Chanukah, I noticed that someone over there tookContinue reading “the Light of Kindness”

The Eighth Day

B”H The eighth day of Chanukah is the culmination of all of the others days of this eight day holiday. As is found in Torah, according to the parallel to the last day that a prince of one of the twelve tribes of Israel brought his gifts to the mishkan (tabernacle). Zos chanukas mizbeach –Continue reading “The Eighth Day”

seventh day of lights

B”H by Tzvi Schnee December 29, 2019 At the local health food store, here, in Florida, my other state of dwelling throughout the year, I noticed two chanukiahs (Chanukah menorot) sitting on the small customer service desk: they each had the shamas candle plus four candles on one side of the menorah. I mentioned toContinue reading “seventh day of lights”

Chanukah message

B”H “But know that the L-RD hath set apart the godly man as His own; the L-RD will hear when I call unto Him.” – Psalm 4:3, JPS 1917 Tanach We celebrate Chanukah, scarcely calling to mind the significance of the holiday, aside from the miracle of the oil that continued to provide light forContinue reading “Chanukah message”

the Light of Chanukah

B”H December 25,2019 A peaceful day – everything is closed. Yet, the door to life is always open. I’ll be taking a walk, outside today, after walking out the front door of this house. Mostly, I have been spending time on the patio, writing blogs; however, the path of life in the slow lane isContinue reading “the Light of Chanukah”

2nd day of Chanukah

B”H December 24, 2019 We have three menorot (plural of menorah) at the house; one for lighting, two as all day 24/7 reminders of each day of Chanukah. So, today, there are two unlit candles, plus the shamash (servant) candle on two of the menorot. Short of a constantly burning flame, this will suffice asContinue reading “2nd day of Chanukah”

the Night Before Chanukah 5780

B”H Sunday December 22, 2019 (24 Kislev 5780) by Tzvi Schnee Time is sanctified, within the framework of the Jewish religion, by blessings, the holidays, and the observance of the Sabbath. This morning, at the cemetery, my father’s tombstone (machshaveh) was sanctified, at a service called the Unveiling. His life was sanctified by his commitmentsContinue reading “the Night Before Chanukah 5780”

holiday musings

B”H blogger’s ride – day 3Tuesday December 17, 2019 I am still in Chicago, the next day, after having missed my train last night. Inside the station, both last night, and this morning, many passengers are walking around in bright and colorful, mostly combinations of white, red and green holiday pajamas. Yes, entire families inContinue reading “holiday musings”

Perspective Shifts

B”H December 5, 2019 7 Kislev 5780 As Chanukah approaches, my thoughts shift from the emptiness of Mars Chesvan (the previous month on the Hebrew calendar that contains no Jewish Holidays) to the light of Chanukah that illumines the darkness of the winter days. On a sidenote, I should at least mention that the veryContinue reading “Perspective Shifts”

Looking Ahead

B”H December 4, 2019 by Tzvi Schnee As Thanksgiving recedes into the near distant past of yesterdays, I look ahead towards Chanukah, the Festival of Lights. Not the glittering lights seen so often around this time of the year on houses and trees. Rather, the light of candles on a Chanukiah, an eight-candled menorah, litContinue reading “Looking Ahead”

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