Stepping Stones

Inspiration for the journey of the soul.

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The Spirit of Prayer

Traditional Jewish prayer is a reminder of the past, the bittersweetness of the present, and the prophetic promise of the future. The reading of tehillim (Psalms), engaging in Torah study, and interacting with G’d by way of hisbodedus (prayer from the heart) complements all other efforts. Yet, the brevity of my attention only permits me … Continue reading “The Spirit of Prayer”


As the sliding doors slid open, I turned my gaze in the direction of the widening opening that would lead into the chapel; the funeral director appeared; and, he beckoned to me. He asked me whether I would like to meet the shomer. I quietly accepted the gracious invite with a polite nod. Leaving the … Continue reading “Shomer”

Stepping Stones

inspiration for the journey of the soul


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