Stepping Stones

Inspiration for the journey of the soul.

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As the sliding doors slid open, I turned my gaze in the direction of the widening opening that would lead into the chapel; the funeral director appeared; and, he beckoned to me. He asked me whether I would like to meet the shomer. I quietly accepted the gracious invite with a polite nod. Leaving theContinue reading “Shomer”

Kriah (Tear)

B”H 29 Teves 5781 I chose to have my shirt torn, rather than the more symbolic option, captured in a momento piece, a black ribbon attached to a black circular pin, whereof the ribbon is torn. Although, truth be told, I also requested the black ribboned pin, for a keepsake (untorn) that I still haveContinue reading “Kriah (Tear)”


29 Kislev 5781 December 15, 2020 Last night I lit an yahrzeit (memorial) candle for my father. He passed away two years ago. Today is his yahrzeit – 29 Kislev. Today is also the fifth day of Chanukah. Last night, after lighting a yahrzeit candle, I lit the menorah with my mother via Zoom. WeContinue reading “Yahrzeit”

Stepping Stones

inspiration for the journey of the soul


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