the Light of Kindness

B”H December 31, 2019 Previously, I had mentioned how upon walking out of a local health food store, I had seen two chanukias (menorot) with only four candles plus the shamash (servant) candle; yet, that particular day was the seventh day of Chanukah. Today, the day after Chanukah, I noticed that someone over there tookContinue reading “the Light of Kindness”

Close at Hand

B”H December 19, 2019 Blogger’s Ride – the Fifth DayClose at Hand, by Tzvi Schnee This is the last day of my five-day journey across country. I will arrive at my destination in Florida this evening. It has happened, on prior occasions while travelling by train, that I have missed my connection in Chicago, becauseContinue reading “Close at Hand”

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